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Dear Friend,

It is my sincere pleasure to invite you to participate in one of our nation’s greatest treasures – North Carolina barbeque!  I invite you to become active with the Carolina BBQ League (CBBQL).

The purpose of the  CBBQL is to educate the public in the furtherance and development of authentic barbeque, barbeque knowledge through cooking classes, barbeque judging, promotional events, and barbeque cooking contests.

Membership in the CBBQL is open to anyone with an interest in preserving the age-old tradition of North Carolina barbeque.

I personally invite you to join our ranks.  You can play a key role in preserving and promoting the best barbeque in the world!


Bill Eason
The Carolina BBQ League President & Legendary NC Pitmaster

To join, please click here to register online or download this file and follow the instructions on the Association Membership Form to register.
Thank you for your interest in North Carolina barbeque and the Carolina BBQ League

Authentic. Traditional. Real.